I had the pleasure of working with Jacob…

…when he served as community manager for some of the Saban Brands properties I managed.

Most memorably, Jacob has an infectious energy about him that manifested in several ways. Our weekly calls to review the content calendars for Vortexx, Digimon, and Zombie Farm were a hoot as he read the copy aloud “in character.”

He went the extra mile to make the client feel engaged and convinced of his recommendations.

He showed great creativity in his content creation, videos, and strategic guidance and his delivery of the work was excellent. Jacob not only knows social media expertly, but it’s clear that he has a real passion for it, making it both valuable and enjoyable to work with him!

Marni Landes, prev. Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy Manager, Saban Brands

I worked with Jacob for more than a year…

…at Bonfire Marketing. Immediately upon being hired, Jacob made a significant impact for our clients.

Jacob is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when it comes to social media tools and best practices.

In an industry that changes incredibly quickly, this was especially valuable to us in making sure we stayed one step ahead of technology in our marketing programs.

Beyond his ability to execute social media campaigns, I appreciate Jacob’s personality and ability to stand out among a crowd. He is extremely outgoing and has a way of making sure those around him enjoy and what they do.

I am happy to recommend Jacob and look forward to seeing him thrive in the future.

Garrett Ira, Vice President of Strategy, Bonfire Marketing

Jacob was a creative and critical piece…

… of the Bonfire team supporting Intel’s B2B Social Media activities at Mobile World Congress 2014.

The lens by which he captured content for social media posts was spot-on and provided edible nuggets that both appealed to event attendees, brand followers and consumers alike.

Using unique methodology for the creation of the Instagram videos allowed Intel to have high-end content created and distributed from the show floor. He was a pleasure to work alongside and always aimed to please.

Ryan McArdle-Jaimes, prev. Event Marketing Program Manager, Intel

Jacob has been an example of the often-mentioned, “breath of fresh air”…

…in our company’s Social Media Marketing department.

Not only are his ideas original and creative, but he brings a great perspective to the corporate projects he works on, as well as our customer projects.

As a co-worker, I appreciate his attention to detail, can-do attitude and his willingness to listen to input whether that be in the form of criticism or constructive large group brain-storming sessions.

Donovan Littlejohn, prev. Director of Technology, NetBiz