Jacob Curtis References


Rory Kaluza, Manager of Digital Strategy,, Managed Jacob at

“Jacob has been an essential force in the growth of our social media team and brand at Netbiz Social. His passion for new media is visible in his work as a community manager and brand evangelist for our agency-level clients. He is also a big asset for face-to-face brand exposure. We brought him with us the Blogworld Expo in LA to promote the brand and new products. He did an awesome job of networking with potential partners and converting business owners to utilize our Facebook App. I am confident that Jacob will have a bright future in online marketing. Thanks for all your hard work Jacob!”


Jacob Curtis Reference

Guedo Fanony , Social Media Strategy and Business Development,, Managed Jacob at Netbiz.

“Know the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”? Since I met Jacob Curtis, he has lived by those words. Fresh out of college, he got to NetBiz and was thrown into a brand new sales team without a real home. He made the most of his pieced together desk, computer and phone that was straiight out of the 90’s until he moved up. After proving himself countless times, I hired him to a position titled New Media Strategist where he was able to take his ideas and really add to the Social Media and Marketing department. Jacob came up with a plan for a video series called the NetBiz Social Media Minute where he would do screen grabs and web videos demonstrating tips and tricks for small to medium size business owners on the social web. After giving him approval to run with it, he started coming up with ideas and scripts, then worked closely with the video department to make it happen. It now involves most departments at NetBiz and he even gets new people to do the videos every once in a while. I would highly recommend Jacob for anything involving New Media Marketing. The guy has ideas coming out of his ears and is always keeping things positive. He’s definitely got big things ahead!


Jacob Curtis Reference

Louie Bottaro , Assistant Head Adviser, Liberal Arts , Oregon State University
advised Jacob at Oregon State University

“Enthusiasm. Charisma. Leader. These are the first three words I can think of when I consider Jacob Curtis. His excitement and joy are infectious as he can motivate any and all to his cause. His technical skill set has dramatically improved over his time at OSU and is beginning to rival the excitement and zeal he has for life.”





Jacob Curtis Reference

Michael Henthorne , Director-Memorial Union , Oregon State University
advised Jacob at Oregon State University

“Jacob worked for the Memorial Union in several capacities including doing exceptional promotional video work for a $42M capital construction project that won approval in a vote of the OSU student body. He also provided outstanding customer service as a desk attendant in our recreation area and was constantly raising the bar on his performance throughout his years in the MU.”