During my agency career I was asked to accompany the team handling a few of Intel’s properties for two separate events. The first being the Intel Developer Forum 2013 in San Francisco and the other being Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in 2014.


My role included filming live interviews, capturing promotional footage b-roll and interfacing with Intel Execs to build rapport with our agency.


My participation at Mobile World Congress consisted of relatively the same duties, however this time I was tasked with capturing content specifically for some of Intel’s social media handles.

Armed with my smartphone, DSLR and trusty GoPro I surveyed the conference and delivered captured footage and videos to our team who then created the real-time social posts published during the event.

The experience and responsibilities of providing live event on-site social media support was quite different than simply creating content from the convenience of the office. Considering I got to travel, I didn’t mind the change too much. 😉


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