I, like many kids in Hawaii back in the 90’s, was a huge fan of Digimon. I can totally remember having a Digimon toy which was similar to having a Tamagotchi or handheld virtual pet that you would take care of.

You could only imagine my surprise when years later I found myself at an agency as the lead Community Manager and Content Strategist for the brand.

At the time Digimon was fragmented and had no official social presence so it was on us to grow the accounts while still remain on-brand as to not offend the loyal fans of the franchise.


I watched the page grow from zero to 1,000,000+ fans and was deeply attached to the community as I was also a huge fan myself.

On a weekly basis I would provide 14 individual social posts including image and copy along with scheduled tune-in tweets during the shows airing on Nicktoons and Nickelodeon.

One of my most memorable moments was creating short-form stop-motion videos for both YouTube and Instagram when Digimon Fusion toys hit the market. Shown above.


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