In tandem with being Marketing Coordinator for Allied Power Products, Inc. I was also able to work with Classic Construction Models, Inc. or CCM.


I found the most fun launching CCM on Instagram and was able to tap into an entire new way of communicating with our audience.

I wasn’t surprised to find Classic construction models collectors already active on the site but had no way on mentioning our models officially using a hashtag. For that reason we began to push UGC submissions by directing followers to post their pictures using #CCModel. Over the year users had submitted 223 photos tagged with #CCModel on Instagram alone.

Implementing a strategic follow strategy and posting engaging content with optimized hashtags gave us the initial exposure we were looking for.

In addition to the content and networking work being done on Instagram, it was also very important to set the precedent that we are very active in talking back to users who engage with CCM there. Using open ended questions and providing proactive community management made users eager to share with us their intentions of purchasing upcoming models publicly.

After handing over the keys, CCM Inc. was well positioned on social media within their industry and had a great foundation to maintain.


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