Jacob Curtis Demo Reel


Jacob Curtis Demo Reel of experience with Oregon State University Athletics as a Camera Operator. The following Demo Reel showcases Jacob’s footage of various NCAA sporting events including Beaver Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Gymnastics.

Job duties involved both the Setup and Striking of cameras and providing grip assistance when necessary. This was Jacob’s first introduction to live event production, and though there was a lot of pressure to capture the right shots and plays, the professional experience he gained was invaluable. Jacob edited his own Demo Reel in Final Cut Pro. Go Beavs!

Jacob Curtis Demo Reel OSU Athletics

OSU Athletics Camera Operator


Jacob Curtis also co-produced a weekly Television Show at Oregon State called GREEK PADS. Inspired by MTV Cribs, GREEK PADS would bring viewers inside the Fraternities and Sororities of Oregon State’s Greek Life. Lasting two seasons GREEK PADS won KBVRtv’s Most Streamed award.

What started as a two man production, soon turned into an eight man crew of students who were reciveing Practicum or class credit for working on episodes. The following Demo Reel was edited in Adobe Premiere and is a combination of excerpts covering the House tours, Rides, and unique Goodbyes of GREEK PADS.

Jacob Curtis Demo Reel GREEK PADS

Filming Oregon State’s Delta Gamma Sorority

More of Jacob’s work in video production can be found through out his website. Jacob has filmed concerts, documentaries, promotional videos, interviews, as well as commercials. Jacob also has his own production equipment including lighting, Green screen, audio recorders, and High Definition cameras.

During his undergrad at Oregon State Univeristy, Jacob’s course work included Studio Production, Field Production, Pre-production, Post production, and Audio Design providing Jacob the necessary skills to be a self sufficient videographer and editor.