Creative Work

28 Jan

One Resource a Little Too Late: Dukeo

by Jacob Curtis

This blog all started as a class project I was assigned for college back in 2010. Yes, fortunately for me I studied New Media Communications in school which meant I could create videos or concept video games to pass my classes while others stressed out about having to write essays. However the Blogging 101 class [...]

16 Dec

Class Assignment: Develop a Virtual World

by Jacob Curtis

According to my NMC: Futures professor, my final project would be to create an MMORPG. Little did he know, I’ve been playing this genre of online games since I was in middle school. Game on! My virtual world concept is a game somewhat similar to most of the fantasy base MMORPG’s out now a days. [...]

10 Dec

Teaching Myself Photoshop

by Jacob Curtis

I recently began revisiting Photoshop and I must say I am having a great time teaching myself Photoshop! Though the editing program has always been available to me during my academic career, I was always intimidated by the massive amount of tools and functionality Photoshop entailed to ever try it. What interested me most about [...]