Who is Jacob Curtis?

Greetings, I’m happy you’ve decided to get to know me better!

Jacob Curtis

Jacob Curtis

Throughout my career as a Digital Marketer I’ve been passionate about leveraging pro-active community management and strategizing persuasive content to help likable, goal-focused businesses and individuals make an impact online.

Over the last 15 years I’ve pushed myself to explore curiosities, make mistakes, and experience as many different marketing roles as possible to uncover where I truly excel and ultimately which role I’d like to pursue. Additionally, having a fundamental knowledge in fulfillment (copywriting, graphic design, & video production), branding, SEM, management and sales allows me to empathize and interface with multiple departments, speaking their language and streamlining workflow.

I’ve found my proficiency and purpose in holistic marketing coordination and have evolved the ability to see and correct inefficiencies within marketing integration and resolve communication or conversion breakdowns.

I’ve been trained to interpret how different forms of media make me feel on a psychological level and therefore can recreate that feeling in target audiences using multiple mediums to build awareness or subliminally seduce action.

Aside from my agency and in-house career advancement, I’ve also worked diligently on building my personal brand and growing influence within the social media marketing industry itself. Utilizing my video tutorial blog and 31,000+ followers on Twitter I’ve been able to remain current on the latest digital trends, contribute to major industry publications, and even share the stage with the most well-known marketing speakers.

I’m currently looking for an in-house marketing coordinator position focusing on a single brand and putting these years of pioneering experience to good use.