How to Find Free Images for FB Posts Using @RiteTag

We know that images increase post performance. But it’s not always easy finding images to use.

While researching a tool to help with that, I found a free trial for a browser extension called RiteTag.

It’s pretty slick for serving up a bunch of free images along with attribution links.

This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to find free images for Facebook using RiteTag.

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Learn more by watching the short tutorial video.

Video Tutorial

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How to Download the RiteTag Extension

After downloading the RiteTag extension from their website and authenticating my Facebook page, you’ll notice that RiteTag integrates directly into the new post composer.

So for example. If wanted to include an image of a hotrod in my post but don’t have one on hand. I would just click on the word hotrod from within the post copy, and then the choose which platform I want to source the image from. In this case, I’ll search for images sourced from Twitter hashtags.




Be Advised: Choose Hashtag Image Searches Wisely

I think it’s important to note that some popular hashtag based searches may return non-related results as users and bots tend to hijack them for hooliganism so choose your searches wisely. Unfortunately, this means popular marketing words like #socialmedia, etc. aren’t always going to return the best results.

RiteTag’s Hashtag Grading Feature

I’ve also discovered that RiteTag is great for hashtag grading.



You can see when I include a hashtag in my post copy, the numbers at the bottom of the composer will indicate which hashtag or combination of hashtags will likely get more reach.

While this information is based on Twitter hashtag data, it’s still a good indication of which hashtags will perform well on Facebook or other platforms. You’ll also want to take a look at RiteTag’s associated hashtag suggestion function.


I don’t usually cover apps but I’m giving the 30-day trial of RiteTag a shot and found its basic functionality worth sharing.

One tip I’d leave you with is to take advantage of the image attribution RiteTag provides and go a step further to engage with the user who uploaded the photo before posting it on your Facebook page. More often than not they’ll be thrilled to have you feature their image and giving them a shoutout either way.

I found the Chrome, Safari and Firefox extension downloads on and I’m still digging around to see what else it has to offer. I’m excited to see how the tool develops and if it saves me time, I’m all about it.