How to Find Your Top YouTube Subscribers List

Ever wonder who your top YouTube subscribers are? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy list of subscribers that conveniently displays your most popular or recent subs?

It sure would be! And thankfully that feature is now available on YouTube!

This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to find your top YouTube subscribers list.

Now there’s more than one reason you’ll want to know this info so check it out in the video tutorial below.

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Video Tutorial

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Finding your Top YouTube Subscribers

While you can access your top YouTube subscriber list from your creator studio dashboard, the easiest way to navigate there is to go to: when logged in.

From here, YouTube will display your most recent subscribers in a list by default.

To find your top YouTube subscribers, simply change the view setting to “most popular.”

You’ll then see a list of your influential YouTube subscribers based on their amount of subscribers.

Now what’s important here is what you do with this information. Here’s some next steps.

The Next Step

From your top YouTube subscribers list you can perform actions such as subscribing back to the user or send them a direct message.

For example, for new subscribers you could send a welcome message or thank you message. When’s the last time you’ve received a thank you message from a YouTube channel!?

More importantly you can use this YouTube subscribers list to send your top YouTube subscribers messages to collaborate.


Remember, YouTube isn’t just a place to host your videos, there’s also a thriving community of content creators and viewers. Finding and connecting with your top YouTube subscribers using this new dashboard will help you build relationships that may lead to future opportunities.

How else do you connect with your subscribers? Who is your top YouTube subscriber? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to come back next week for more social media tutorials.