How to Submit your Facebook Fan Page for Verification

*UPDATE  9/3/15*

So I got in touch with my Facebook contact and asked about the previous URL I had used in the original video. Here’s her response below. Honestly, I think too many people were submitting spam requests and flooding their team with verification submissions after I gave out the URL I used in the video.

I apologize. BUT, for personalities or celeb fan pages you can still request verification here.

verify FB fanpage

*UPDATE  08/12/14*

While I still have not found the new business submission form, if you are a personality or celeb, use this form to request verification.

*UPDATE 06/24/14* 

No joke, I think this post was sending so much traffic to Facebook’s verification form that they moved/removed the page. :/


Anyway, I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so I can send you an updated method when I find it. I just didn’t want to leave new visitors and my readers in the dark!


-Original Post-

Facebook page verification is highly sought after for most brands and celebrities. Although Facebook states there is no way to request a page for verification, there is a work around that I’ve found and of course I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers!!

This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will teach you how to submit your Facebook Fan Page for Verification.

PS: I was very surprised by the amount of other ridiculous “tutorials” that I found when researching this topic. Some dealt with copy and pasting code, downloading some sketch software, and the top result on YouTube for this search is a video of some dude saying you can’t verify your page….wonderful!

For that reason please make sure to share this article as it’s the only legitimate way I’ve found, oh, and it works! *NOTE* I do not have the ability to verify your Page for you and will not respond to emails with that request. Sorry! 

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Facebook Fanpage Verification Request

What are Verified Pages?

Verified Pages will have a badge beside the name of the Page that indicates the Page is the authentic voice of the business or individual. This makes it a whole lot easier for people to find and engage with the businesses and brands they’re looking for on Facebook.

Also, verified pages receive a huge boost in organic reach!

Keep in mind, Facebook Fan Pages that are verified belong to only a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences and Facebook is proactively verifying authentic Pages and Profiles that are at the greatest risk of impersonation.

Video Tutorial

Not displaying? Watch this tutorial on YouTube.

To access the form to request verification for your page, use the following URL:

*UPDATE 06/24/14* No joke, I think this post was sending so much traffic to Facebook’s verification form that they moved/removed the page. :/

*UPDATE  08/12/14* While I still have not found the new business submission form, if you are a personality or celeb, use this form to request verification. (note, you must be signed out of Facebook to access the link)

Disclaimer (don’t waste your/FB’s time)

Please use common sense when submitting your Facebook Fan Page for Verification using the form.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your Facebook page the official presence of a popular brand or celeb?
  • Is your Facebook page currently or has a high chance of being impersonated?
  • Does your Facebook page have a large audience? (i.e. 20k+ Fans)
  • Is the page in question running Facebook ads? (may not be necessary but I believe it provides extra leverage if you are)

What to Include in your Verification Form Submission

It’s important to include the right information when submitting your Facebook page to be verified. This will reduce the unnecessary back and forth that may occur between you and Facebook support. Including relevant information will also decrease the likelihood of your request being dismissed (assume they receive these requests all the time.)

Here’s what I included that helped get my submissions pushed through (and ultimately verified) to Facebook’s Pages team:

  • URL of the Fan Page I wanted to verify
  • Links to the Brand’s official website
  • Links to 2-3 impersonating fan pages
  • A good reason WHY the page should be verified (If you can’t answer this, it’s probably best you don’t submit a request)

If your Request is Denied:

If your profile or Page isn’t verified, there are other ways to help your followers or the people that like your Page know that your identity is authentic.

For example, you can:

  • Link to your Facebook profile or Page from your official website
  • Complete the About section of your profile or Page to provide more information


I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions team. After I had the pages verified I was sent a follow up questioner of their level of service and my experience working with their support. I suggest for good karma to leave them feedback whatever it may be.

Verified Facebook pages receive numerous benefits outside of the blue check mark. They rank higher in search, have increased organic reach and are allowed to add other special features to their pages like video trailers.

Good luck and don’t forget to spread the word!

Author: Jacob Curtis

An early advocate of digital media, Jacob has observed and participated in the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online.

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  • Andrew McIntosh CPA

    Thanks for sharing this info Jacob. Issues like this can be very frustrating for social media professionals and difficult for clients to understand. Thanks, I’ve shared. Andrew.

    • Jacob Curtis

      No problem, Andrew! I totally understand and I’m happy to help. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Chresanto Lorenzo Romelo Augus

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      You know how I do!

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          • Jacob Curtis

            What’s not working, Rishabh? The form or your request was denied?

          • samer

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          • sharkas

            Hi Jacob .. thanks a lot for sharing … i tried da new link (last update) it is working well , i contact da f/b and they have replied to fill da form and they will be back shortly but unfortunate 48 hours gone … do you have an idea regard da time required for verifying

        • محمد اویس قرنی

          i have same problem what can i do ?

  • MuhammadJ

    Thank you for this article, But can I see the verified pages that you verify them? And thanks.

    • Jacob Curtis

      Hey Muhammad, I chose not to show the pages I had verified out of respect for the clients. You’re welcome!

  • Mehmet Şirin Çelik

    hey bro,

    Thanks for sharing, I will ask something. I have 198k facebook pages, but I don’t have website about my page. İf I send them message, do they verfy? I tried to send them turkish but nobody answer me :( can you write an example about the verified essay please? thank you

  • Menti

    Well, i guess they changed the link because now it says
    “Tell us about your feedback on Ads support”
    and not “Facebook Advertising: Help & Tips”

    • MuhammadJ

      That’s Right, I do not why, Maybe it’s available only for US Users!

      • Menti

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        • MuhammadJ

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          • Jacob Curtis

            Hey @disqus_hZxzj9MjEb:disqus and Muhammad. I just check the link in the article and it’s still taking me to the right place. I’ve included a screenshot of the options you’ll want to check to access the form. Thanks for asking!

          • Menti

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            I got it finally…

            Thanks a lot My Dear Brother #Jacob_Curtis…


            @Menti & @Muhammad J


            You should check this article again…

            May be you didn’t get it actually..

            here I’m just attaching a photo with this
            comment for you..

            In Sha ALLAH, it’ll help you..


            & btw, for the first time I didn’t send ma
            ID’s photo to facebook authorities. I gave them a passport size photo of Me !!


            They didn’t accepted and I checked again that,
            they want MY national ID card’s photo..


            So, I attached Ma National ID Card’s photo and
            send it again by doing same processes…


            Now, I’m waiting for their reply.. Plzz pray for
            Me… I want to get a good reply from them..


  • Ramneek

    The link is redirecting to some other page :(
    Not getting these options as shown in the video.

    • Jacob Curtis

      Ramneek, could you tell me where you’re trying to access the URL from?

      • Ramneek Sidhu

        hey i now used usa socks and it works fine :)
        but everytime i submit a page for verification i get a reply

        “Hi Ramneek,
        I do understand your interest and desire to have your Page verified. Facebook automatically verifies certain accounts to help people find authentic profiles and Pages. We’re not currently able to accept requests for verified profiles or Pages from the public.

        For this reason we can not fulfill your request for Page verification at this time.”

        Can you please help me with this? :(

        • Jacob Curtis

          Hey Ramneek, was this the email you received back from the Global Marketing Team? In this case your page probably didn’t fit the requirements for verification. Sorry but verifying your page is not something I have the power to do :/

        • Nick

          please let my knw which coutry ip is used for this ??

  • ToNi

    I live in the UK and it doesn’t work here neither . Can u help me jacob ?

    • Jacob Curtis

      Toni, can you provide me a screenshot of the screen it’s taking you to? I just tried the link in the article and it’s still working as intended. Very odd!

  • 100fm6

    Where is the link for the verified page, plz?

    • Jacob Curtis

      Hey, @100fm6:disqus, it’s right under the video in the article. Thanks for stopping by!

      • 100fm6

        I think there is misunderstanding, I am asking about the link to the FB page you have successfully verified, not the contact link to verify.
        Thanks :)

        • Jacob Curtis

          @100fm6:disqus , I chose not to show the pages I had verified for client privacy. :)

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    • Jacob Curtis

      I’m in Oregon. I’ve tried opening the link in an incognito window and it’s still directing me fine.

      • Mansoour Al-Shahrani

        u r awesome man :)
        it’s works in incognito window and probably will work with another Fb account than mine ..
        will try some other Fb accounts :)
        Thanks ^^

        • MuhammadJ

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          • Mansoour Al-Shahrani

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  • uzair jahangir

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    Hello Jacob ! Thanks for this information but im not result for this tutorials in my fanpage in facebook. U can help me ? im pay u for verification my fanpage ! U Verification 4 fanpage me and im pay u 5k$ ! Thnx bro.

    • Jacob Curtis

      @kolikolikoli:disqus, sorry, my friend! I don’t have the power to verify pages!

    • Fayaz Skfan

      What kinds of pages you want to verify? if you manage celebrities (Official) social media work ,then try to facebook office,they will provide you the power to verify pages via mail.. i have verified few celebrities pages via support email to fb..

      • Yokesh

        Can U tell me that email id ..??

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  • Ahmed

    Their team replied with that they currently do not accept requests for verification. My page has over 3 million fans and it represents a very popular website in the region. We run ads frequently. And we’ve been getting impersonated for the past 3 years! (And it attached 3 pages impersonating us). Any advice on what to do?

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      u cant open it with that way facebook will say to u switch ur account to open this page

      • Rohit S Flinton

        But if you complete the full process of Jacob then too facebook message me that”we will automatically verifies fanpage and don’t think that after sending message to us your fanpage will be verified”

        • MuhammadJ

          I do not understand, facebook tell to switch to main profile to access the link

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    I live in the India,West Bengal ( kolkata ) and it doesn’t work here. Maybe they changed the link.

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    I hope it will works for me and my artist page

    • Jacob Curtis

      It would be great if you could share if you’re serious…I’ve been searching myself.

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    • Jacob Curtis

      Hey, @LucidGal:disqus . Back when I created the video the form shown was accessible to the public and worked. Unfortunately a few months after publishing the link to the form, Facebook removed the page entirely as I imagine the form was being abused. As I couldn’t re-edit the video I included a YT annotation linking out to this post which includes the updates you spoke of at the very top. I’ve also provided the link to the alternative form to use for approving celeb pages, etc. Sorry for wasting your time, Kim :/

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