How to Use YouTube’s NEW Comment Moderation Feature

by · January 25, 2014

As a community manager I’ve always dreaded moderating YouTube comments.

With the lack of profanity filters and blacklists for disruptive users, the more videos you have, the bigger headache it becomes to scour through each video to remove potential spam.

But that’s all changed with YouTube’s new comment moderating dashboard!


This week’s Social Media Minute will teach you how to use YouTube’s new comment moderation feature and how to set up default keyword filters for future video uploads.

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Watch the helpful minute-long social media tutorial video below for a full walk-through:

Video Tutorial:

How to Use YouTube’s NEW Comment Moderation Feature

Learn the basics of setting up a profanity YouTube’s Profanity Filter in this social media tutorial.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Ways to Moderate YouTube Comments

Here’s the options you have when moderating the comments on YouTube videos  in the Community dashboard.

  • Like Comments
  • Remove Comments
  • Report/Mute/Ban Users

Comment Settings

There’s also the Comments Settings I encourage you to check out!

Comment settings gives you the option to apply automated filters to your channel. For example, you can establish “always allowing” or “not allowing” comments from particular users.

The most important setting here is the ability to set up a blacklist of keywords to screen for.

You can also set up default settings for comments on your new videos, as well as comments on your actual YouTube Channel (which is different than video comments) such as holding all comments for review and disabling the ability to comment completely (This will diminish visibility on Google+).

To review pending comments or questionable comments that have been screened by your blacklist, navigate back to the Comments section and select the “Pending Tab” and next to that, you can see the comments you’ve marked as spam.


YouTube’s new comment moderation dashboard can be described in one word: CONVENIENT!

Along with YouTube’s integration with Google+, the likelihood of spam or anonymous comments is slowly diminishing and this update is especially helpful to YouTube channels with numerous or very popular videos that receive a lot of comments.

What other improvements would you like to see YouTube make to channel management? Comment below!

  • Stuart Davidson

    I was wondering how long it would take to introduce this feature. Nice minute Jacob!

    • Jacob Curtis

      Same here! Really saves me time which is really important in community management! Thanks for stopping by, Stuart!

      • Stuart Davidson

        Always a pleasure – I have a post ready for tomorrow with a link to one of your bonfire articles too.

        • Jacob Curtis

          Niceee! I’ll make sure to look out for it!

  • Erik Emanuelli

    Interesting video, Jacob!
    I always tell myself I need to start creating tutorials for my YouTube channel.
    It’s full of friends and followers, but empty of videos.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jacob Curtis

      Appreciate it, @erikemanuelli:disqus! I just got back into it this year and started my own channel. It’s a great feeling being able to provide a resource that people see as valuable. Hopefully I can encourage you to start up your own vids! What kind of tutorials were you thinking?

      • Erik Emanuelli

        I was thinking about tutorials about wordpress and the technical side of blogging.
        I remember to have spent a lot of time watching videos when I needed to install my first self hosted website, creating database, etc.
        I think this kind of videos are always useful and appreciated! :-)

        • Jacob Curtis

          Couldn’t agree more, @erikemanuelli:disqus . Maybe even a tutorial on how to use Klinkk? I like where your head’s at!