Facebook Activity Log Overview

What is your Facebook pages activity log? Well, it’s exactly what you think! It’s a tool that archives your Facebook Fan Page’s history of posts, videos, comments, events, and much more.

However using it to your advantage is a whole nother story!

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Page admins can access their activity log by selecting “Edit Page” in their admin panel.

FB log of activity

Access your Activity Log by selecting Edit Page

Watch the helpful video below for a full walk-through:

Video Tutorial:

Now here’s where the Facebook Activity Log comes in handy, not only can you see previous posts as well as scheduled posts if you have any, but the activity manager also has its own set of filters.

Types of Filters:

  • Posts and Apps
  • Photos
  • Spam
  • Video
  • Your Posts
  • Comments
  • Posts by Others
  • Questions
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Offers
  • About

Using the Activity Log for Recent Posts By Others

For those of you were referred here by my Recent Post by Other tutorial asking why Recent Posts by Others are not showing up on your page — the Activity Log could provide you the answer you’ve been looking for. My friend Hugh Briss over at Social Identities helped me out with his insight.

First of all, if a page is tagged from a within a personal profile update it does not show up, but if the personal profile posts directly to your fan page it does appear.

Now if the posts on your Fan Page made by others are not showing up they may be getting flagged as SPAM! As far as I know all posts from others should show up. Check the SPAM section in your Activity Log. Depending on what people are posting (pictures, links, etc.) Facebook could be seeing it as spam and hiding it from appearing on your Fan Page.

Once you’re in the SPAM section of your Activity Log all you’ll need to do is un-hide the posts and they’ll show up. Also, by doing that it will train the system to stop seeing those types of posts as spam.

One last thing, whenever you hide a post from your own fan page, you can undo that action from your Activity Log. You can also choose to highlight stories from within your Facebook Activity Log as well.

All in all your Facebook pages Activity Log is a great way to keep track of the activity on your fan page. Especially if you’ve hired somebody to manage it.

Have you ever used Facebook’s Activity Log?

Author: Jacob Curtis

An early advocate of digital media, Jacob has observed and participated in the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.maliska Mike Maliska

    I am still having some trouble. I am not new to pages and I have been unmarking spam for a while not but I have having trouble with the new filter.
    If I see a post in my spam filter and I pick on of the other option “Allowed on Page” or “Highlight on Page” the post no longer shows in my spam filer but does not show up on my page either.
    I have fans who share links which I often reshare. So I would normally go into the spam filter unmark the post and then find it under “posted by others” then share it. However now the post never shows up in the “posted by others” section not matter which option I pick.

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey Mike, try having your fans paste the links directly on your pages wall. They should show up then. If they are tagging your page in a link they post to their own wall it may not work.

  • craftybegonia

    I have a question. I’m a member of several Facebook groups and I have seen members complain there that not everybody see their fan page posts. After I read that, I watched my pages and the same thing is happening to me. Why is that? And, how can the problem be resolved outside of buying lots of ads? Thank you!

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      @craftybegonia:disqus I would check out Facebook’s “Edge Rank” for posting tips. There are many reasons fans could stop seeing posts. If they have been ignoring page posts in their news feed Facebook will recognize it and show less of the stuff the person is not engaging with. The frequency of posts, the timing, and the content all has to do with it.

  • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis
  • http://www.facebook.com/otsenrefb Ernesto Molina

    We are 4 Admins and one seems to have been deleting posts by other admins and fan comments he doesn’t like. How can we see activity by Admin or who deletes a post please? THANK YOU!!!

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey Ernesto. As of right now you are not able to see the activity of any specific page admin. If one admin is completely deleting the posts (and not hiding them) they are gone. I would recommend setting up admin roles to where you can have more power than the other page admins. When managing admins you can set up the different levels of permission.

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  • Shanne Marie

    What do I do if some posts which have included my Page aren’t appearing in “Recent Posts by Others”? The page name is highlighted in blue. I only see the posts accidentally which is annoying. I’ve checked the spam and there is nothing there. I’ve made all the settings open to others for posting though maybe I’m missing something? And when I post and include the link to a Page, it isn’t appearing in their “Posts by Others” either. (Though that could be in their spam, I suppose?) I’ve checked with some pages who have wanted my posts to appear on their Page and they’ve checked their settings as well. I’ve written to Facebook several times but they have not responded nor has it started working. Clues? Ideas?

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