How to Find a Job on LinkedIn

Ever wanted to find a job on LinkedIn? It’s no surprise that savvy recruiters are now turning to LinkedIn to find potential employees. This means more and more jobs are being posted on the platform everyday.

However if you don’t know how to find a job on LinkedIn there’s no way for you to apply, and ultimately you could be missing out on the job of your dreams!

Luckily for you LinkedIn provides a robust platform for searching and finding these jobs.

So after you’ve taken the time to optimize your profile with appropriate sections, media, and keywords, head on over to the Job Search Home Screen.

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linkedin job search

Navigate to the jobs tab, from there select find jobs.

Now I’ll highlight a few of the most important tools to find a job on LinkedIn below, however I go more in depth and explain how to find these features in the video tutorial below. So take a look!

Video Tutorial

Different Ways to Search

Jobs you may be interested in: Based on the information you’ve provided in your profile such as skills and expertise, bio, and previous jobs, LinkedIn will generate current job postings it thinks you may be interested in.

Discover Jobs in your Network: Another helpful way to find a job on LinkedIn by using your your network 1st or 2nd degree connections for a referral. These jobs are displayed based on connections that are current employees.

Refining Your Search

If you’re looking for a more specific job listing you can choose to refine the search even more by relationships or date posted,  and if you’re a current student or recent graduate you can even refine by experience level, such as entry level or internship.

Saving Your Searches or Jobs

Save the Job: Saving a job posting allows you to return to it at a later time and may be good idea if you’re applying to multiple companies or positions. This will also help you keep track of the progress of your application if you’ve applied using LinkedIn.

Save the Search: Another helpful feature is the ability to save the search, especially if you’ve refined the search to your specific liking. 

Email Alerts

This is probably the most important tool when it comes to finding a job on LinkedIn. By subscribing to email alerts you can always stay in-the-know of new openings or opportunities. This is especially important if you subscribe to email alerts for a specific refined search that includes a company. Though I’d also suggest following the company on LinkedIn as well.

Now its very rare that a great opportunity will come knocking at your door, however the better you are at searching and finding your next job, the better your chances of being hired are — just make sure your profile is ready for employers to view!

What are your experiences with finding a job on LinkedIn?