How to Add Media to your Linkedin Profile

Recently while updating my Linkedin profile I stumbled across the option to add media to my sections.

After opening up the profile editor I noticed a new ‘Add Media’ icon that lets you add links to any videos, images, documents, or even your resume to your Linkedin profile.

Of course the next thing I did was think of ways to utilize this feature to enhance my own profile and how you could use it to enhance yours!

Now this additional feature is available to a number of your Linkedin sections including your personal summary, current or previous jobs, and finally education. Though you may be able to add media to other sections you’ve included on your profile.

Update: the new profile design as well as the rich media functionality are still being rolled out to members currently. Over the next few months, all members will be gradually upgraded to this new feature. Others may not see your rich media links yet because this functionality has not been rolled out to their profiles yet.

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First things first — after opening up your Linkedin profile editor locate the ‘Add Media’ icon in whichever section you choose.

adding linked media

Look for the ‘Add Media’ Icon in your Profile Editor

For example since the background section of my Linkedin profile is a summary about who I am, I decided to add a link to the ‘About Me’ page from my personal website.

Video Tutorial

Word of Advice

Keep in mind the only reason I added media to my Linkedin profile is to help highlight and showcase what I’ve done as it pertains to the section. Meaning just because your able to add something else to your Linkedin profile doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Linkedin Media Gallery

The links and documents that you provide do not automatically redirect people to them when they are clicked on — they open in your Linkedin Media Gallery.

linkedin media gallery

Media you’ve included will be displayed in your Linkedin Media Gallery

Now the links I included were to pages and posts from blog and to my surprise, Linkedin didn’t keep the original formatting which was kind of lame… but it does allow the viewer to ‘Read Original’ and navigate to the original post which can provide me some extra traffic and hopefully showcase my site.

Recently Linkedin announced reaching 200 million registered users and considering it’s becoming the go-to platform for recruiters and industry professionals, adding media to your Linkedin profile (that makes sense) will hopefully help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and keep users on your page longer.

What media do you plan to add to your Linkedin Profile?