How to Manage Linkedin Endorsements

Have you ever received a Linkedin Endorsement from someone you haven’t directly worked with? Is there a way to remove an endorsement you received?

In this social media tutorial I will cover how to manage your LinkedIn endorsements that appear on your profile including hiding or removing the section all together.

Note: You will not be able to receive endorsements if you have not added any skills or expertise to your profile.


Linkedin Endorsement Manager

Video Tutorial

When editing your endorsements Linkedin will populate all users who have endorsed you for whatever skill you have listed. This is a great way to filter out those endorsements you wish to keep from legitimate sources.

Keep in mind endorsements are not the same as recommendations and are much easier to give and receive. Even though it’s believed that the amount of endorsements and skills listed on your profile helps improve your chances of appearing in LinkedIn search results, many decide to remove the section or not include any skills at all.

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Why Remove Endorsements?

Linkedin Endorsements provide an easy way for your network connections or recruiters to recognize you for your work, however many choose to limit their endorsements to those who they have personally worked with regarding the skill.

In the end the choice is yours and you can always add the persons endorsement back by re-checking their name within the editor.

Linkedin Endorsements have been received with mixed reviews because of how easy you can accumulate or trade them with your networks. Which leads me to this question:

Do you feel Linkedin Endorsements provide an accurate representation of a persons skills and expertise?