How to Add Linkedin Products and Services

Has your LinkedIn Company page generated any new leads or sales?

It could be!

Here’s how.

By adding products and services to your Linkedin Company Page you can generate interest in learning about how your business can help your page visitors accomplish their goals. Whether or not you choose to include your products or services on your business page is entirely up to you, but if you aren’t taking advantage of this feature, you may be limiting the potential your Linkedin Page has to generate any ROI.

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products and services tab

The Products and Services tab appears at the top of your Company Page

Follow along with my video tutorial below and learn how to add Linkedin products and services to your Company Page.

 Video Tutorial

More than just Products and Services

When it comes to listing your products and services don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Aside from including your obvious pay-for products, this can also be a great way to showcase the following resources:

  • White Papers
  • E-books
  • Special Reports
  • Free Assessments
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Podcasts
  • Networking Clubs

Increase Visibility and Engagement

Your products and services can also be recommended or shared by Linkedin users in your network which helps with social proof and amplification as their networks will see their recommendation as a status update. Not to mention Linkedin products and services also appear in your Linkedin Company page’s Sidebar when visitors find your page. You are also given the ability to include links to your website or other designated landing pages  for your products which can help funnel traffic to conversion.

linkedin products and services

The first Product that you create will be displayed in Sidebar

Track Results

By using Linkedin Company Page Insights data you can see the basic traffic information your company page has received over the last 7 days. These stats tell you when a user visits to your Linkedin products and services page and records any clicks your listed product or services receives from within the page.

Final Thoughts

Linkedin provides some obvious benefits to listing your products and services on your business page as described above. Though it does not guarantee and ROI, showcasing your competencies and providing extra resources to your page visitors may be the last push in the right direction in their buying decision.

If you created a Linkedin Page for your business and link to it from other sites you are most likely receiving traffic. There’s no harm in providing information about what you do best and real recommendations about those services can be another added bonus in a prospects decision to contact you.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on adding Linkedin products and services. View more video tutorials on social media or leave a suggestion for my next tutorial in the comments below.

What other products or services have you listed on your Linkedin Company page? Have you found any success from including them? Let me know in the comments below.