Facebook Recent Posts by Others Overview

This social media tutorial will cover Facebook’s Recent Posts by Others box located on your business page. The “Recent Post by Others” box was rolled out when Facebook converted over to Timeline and appears in the upper right hand corner of your Fan page.

This box catalogs the posts to your Fan page created by someone other than the page admin.

*Update 3/22/2013* If you are having problems with “Recent Posts by Others” appearing on your Fan Page, see my recent post on using “Facebook’s Activity Log” to help you solve the problem.

recent posts by fans on your fan page

By Default your Fan pages Recent Posts by Others will be displayed for all to see.

Video Tutorial

Most of the time these recent posts will be pictures, links, complaints, or testimonials from clients or fans who have used your products or services.

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However it also allows other Fan pages to promote themselves on your page so remember while collaboration and cross promotion is fun, it can be over done and may clutter up your page with unnecessary advertising or promotions if not managed.


You can either manage these posts directly from your Timeline or click “See all” for the archive view.

Archive View – Don’t forget to Moderate your Recent Posts by Others

Filter out messages by these options:

  • Default- By Default your Facebook page is set to allow recent posts from your fans
  • Highlighted on Page- Will display the recent post on your Timeline in a much bigger image block
  • Allowed on Page- Will display the selected post as if it was actually posted directly to your timeline
  • Hidden from Page- Hide the update from the page to where only the fan who left the comment (along with their connections) can see the recent post
  • Delete- Deletes the update permanently
  • Report/Mark as Spam- Remove unwanted recent posts and report the user who posted it

Removing the Recent Posts by Other Box

If you find it best to remove the Recent Posts by Others box from your Fan page, navigate to your Fan page “Manage Permissions” settings.

how to remove recent posts by others on Facebook

You can also remove the “Recent Posts by Others” box entirely

Here you can remove or limit the posting capability your fans have as well as the option to remove the Recent Posts by Others box entirely. Removing the Recent Post by Others box will also free up space on your Timeline and  push more of the content you post to the top of your page.

But that will do it for this social media tutorial on Facebook’s Recent Posts by Others. View more video tutorials on social media or leave a suggestion for my next tutorial in the comments below.

Would you rather show or hide your “Recent Posts by Others” box?

Author: Jacob Curtis

An early advocate of digital media, Jacob has observed and participated in the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online.

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  • Cate


    I want to be able to moderate other people’s posts, so I have set the default visibility of posts to be “hidden from page”. I used to be able to unhide them from the activity log. This would allow them to show in the “recent posts by others” box, which was great. Now, if I allow it on the page, it will be posted directly on my timeline, which I don’t want. Is there a solution for this? I just want the comments to be in the “recent posts by others box”. Thanks

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hi Cate. Good question! I just dug around a bit and you are correct to go to the “activity log”.

      Once there navigate to the Activity filter in the upper right and corner where by default it says “All Activity”

      From there filter out “Post by Others”

      You’ll want to look for the gray circle to the right of whatever post is hidden. Then click on it and select allowed and not highlight on page.

      I’ve tried it a couple of times and it seems like (for me atleast) un-hiding a post returns it to the recent post by others box.

      If it still doesn’t work, send me an email with screenshots so I can see what you’re seeing. jacobkcurtis(at)gmail(dot)com

      • Matt


        I have almost similar problem as Cate. I want to have all other people’s posts in the “recent posts by others” box and moderate them afterwards. Somehow the older wall posts show up on the timeline after “Earlier in December”.

        This is driving me crazy, because you can’t really find the admin’s posts later on the timeline as there are a lot of other people’s posts. And I wouldn’t like to hide the box altogether.

        It feels like a bug, because nothing what I do in managing permissions helps. Unchecking boxes “Everyone can post..” and default visibility: “Hidden” only hide the “Recent posts by others” box.

        It used to work okay, but not anymore. Uh.


        • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

          Hey @disqus_PguVwU9TYc:disqus ,

          I see what you mean (see screenshot) as far as older wall posts appearing “Earlier in December”

          Now, If you’re trying to see/manage all posts (from admins/others) I would access your Facebook Activity Log *see video* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etjDvrghG3o

          Take a look and see if that helps. Sounds like a lot of people are having this same problem, we can only hope Facebook recognizes this and fixes it soon.

          • Matt

            Thanks Jacob,

            Yes, old wall posts are “leaking” on the timeline like that. Strange thing is that it looks like only some Facebook pages have the problem. I track the change for the moment, when I unpublished the page for some minutes. Could it be, after one changes the permissions, the bug attacks?

            Thanks for the video. Might be that I need to do some manual work….

  • http://coachgrazina.com/ Grazina Ajana Szewczyk

    I have a problem deleting my own post that I posted by mistake as me instead as “page” (I’m one of the administrators). The delete button seems to work when I click on it but the post is still there even after reloading the page.

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey @coachga:disqus , try deleting the comment as the page instead of as you. Otherwise Facebook may have not recognized it as being deleted yet and still shows it. Are you still having the same problem now that it’s been a day or two?

  • Herby

    Hello, i don’t see posts by other pages in the ‘recent posts by others’-box on my page anymore. I only see posts from fans. Can this be enabled somewhere? I can’t find it…

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey Herby, I just checked to make sure Facebook didn’t make any unexpected changes or updates to the box. I tested posting from one fanpage I admin (Greek Pads TV) on another page I admin (NetBiz) and it appeared.

      -See attached image or navigate to the link below for proof.


      My guess is to check your ‘Manage Permissions” settings in your admin panel. From there make sure to look at Posting Ability and Post Visibility sections for posting access on your fanpage.

      Let me know how it goes and thanks for being brave enough to ask a question!

      • Herby

        Thanks for your reply, Jacob. I know that it works for other pages. For some reason it doesn’t work for mine, though. See my settings attached. I don’t see anything that should prevent the posts from beeing shown…

        • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

          Other Pages can become a fan of your page as well which will allow them to post on your page. If I’m correct to assume your Wham Bam Bodyslam is the Band page I’ve checked out, take a look at a recent post that was left on your fanpage on September 13th that is from BandScout (a fanpage)

          I’d also suggest checking your Activity Log on Facebook to see if the posts are showing up. The Activity Log documents and archives everything that happens within your fanpage.

          • Herby

            It’s indeed interesting that this one post from BandScout is shown and all the others are not. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the pages beeing fans of our page or not, though. Attached is a post from The Forum Walters which is also not shown. Their page is a fan of ours and ours a fan of theirs. These posts are also not shown in the activity log. I have no idea…

          • Herby

            I think it’s posts by other pages where our page is tagged in that are not shown. The post by BandScout was posted directly to our wall…

  • Liz Marshall

    Are recent posts by others refreshed and updated frequently?

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hi @google-1dc6eb5c913d22d981322187800998b3:disqus , from what I can tell they are updated in real time. Facebook is pretty good about updating any sort of post as soon as it happens. After all the platform is all about conversation and delaying a response or initial post would defeat the purpose.

      On your end, look into doing a “hard refresh” if you are worried about them not displaying!

      Good question!

  • Nadia

    Hello Jacob, is there a possibility to enable all the “Posts by others” to be shown directly on the timeline and not only in the box “Recent Posts byOthers”? The “Edit page/Manage permissions/ Post visibility/ Allowed on age” option has been activated by me but the posts are still shown only on “Recent Posts by Others” box. How can I change this? Thank you in advance for your answer

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey @2bac6f01dfb22e8450a78d8b19a12112:disqus , as far as I know that function is not possible. Posts from fans used to appear directly on the fanpage before the “post by others” box was introduced. Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://singaporeanlifestyle.com/ SingaporeanLifeStyle.com

    Yes!, regarding the new “tips” added:

    *Update 1/15/2013* When a user tags a page it rarely shows up in the “Posts by Others” box anymore. It’s not kaput but it’s definitely buggy and unreliable. I am keeping close track of this issue so SUBSCRIBE to my blog and I’ll let you know when the feature is working as intended!

    something is indeed not right somewhere..

    I noticed that, if i were to write on some people’s facebook Page as a Page Admin of my own page, and tags the page, ie. adding a “@” + “page name”), my post will not be shown when i look at the “Post by others” as a non page admin account.

    But, when i switch back to my facebook account as a facebook page admin account, i can see my own post on that page’s “Post by Others”.

    However, this is also random. some posts do shows up, some doesn’t, and i thought it is because some people hit and reported my posts as spam..

  • Klobo

    Hi, I have a business page on Facebook and recently tried to post on the wall of another page. The post appeared in the “recent posts by others” box, but unlike the others, did not display my profile picture and had my name as “Facebook user”. Is this something to do with the privacy settings of my page and if so how can I resolve this? Thanks

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      Hey @3d7a49cf3b7d409db00c23a44bcfcb08:disqus, that’s interesting. It would be helpful for me to see some screenshots. You can post them along with your comment. Also, is the problem still occurring or may it just have been a bug?

  • http://www.facebook.com/layla.vandehorn Faye Roy

    On my facebook page we are having a best tan contest. So we are having people post pictures to our timeline. I can only see 3 pictures in the recent post by others. However, other people have said they are seeing a lot more entries….Why can’t I see them?

  • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

    Hey @facebook-100001722022209:disqus , first I’d reccomend checking out Facebook’s promotional guidelines before you run a contest. Part of the rules say you can not have users upload a picture to your wall as a way of entering a contest. https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php

    I just wrote an article on using “Facebook’s Activity Log” and mentioned how some of these posts by others could be getting flagged as SPAM! Take a look at the article here: http://www.jacobcurtis.co/social-media-help/facebook-activity-log-overview/

  • http://twitter.com/mgibbon2 Mariah

    I have debated adding the “posts by others” to the page I manage. I have seen on other pages similar to mine where the admins have responded back to these comments directly. For some reason or another, when I have this box visible on my page, I don’t have the option to comment on these posts. Is there a box that needs checked or a setting that needs changed? I really want to be able to interact with my fans. Thanks for your help!

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      That’s interesting. You should see the ability to “Comment” on those users recent posts. Also, make sure you are clicking directly on the comment in the recent post box or select “See All” to open up all recent posts and respond to them that way. Let me know if that works, or feel free to include a screenshot in your reply so I can see what you’re seeing. Thanks @twitter-22334802:disqus

      • http://twitter.com/mgibbon2 Mariah

        Hi Jacob, thanks for getting back to me! This is what I see on my page (Second picture). I only have the option to view the origional post or remove the tag, whereas (first picture) a hospital similar to mine has the option to like or comment. Thoughts? I’ve tried searching on Google and I come up empty handed everytime!

        • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

          It looks as though Nichole has tagged your page from an update they posted on their personal profile . Since it’s a status update on their personal profile you aren’t able to comment on it as the fan page. However in the picture posted by Catherine, she had posted directly on the fan page which allowed the hospital to respond. Does that help?

          • http://twitter.com/mgibbon2 Mariah

            Thank you. That clears up a lot. So if a fan posted directly tro our timeline, THEN we would be able to respond back? And it would automatically show up in that recent posts area?

          • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

            You’d be able to respond back. Depending on how Facebook is feeling you may see the post in the recent posts area.

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  • Steve

    Hi there,

    Some fantastic tips here but I am still having a problem. People and businesses are tagging our business page in their posts but they are not showing up anywhere on our page (not even under Recent Posts By Others. Any clues??



  • http://www.facebook.com/meg.b.paterson Megan Mary Paterson

    Thank you! Got my questions answered!

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis


  • sandy

    Hi there, TQ for this very information post. I have found the tips most helpful. CheerS!

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis


  • http://www.facebook.com/Shannon.T.Bryant Shannon Tevere Bryant

    Is there a way to set it to where a viewer has to “Like” your business page first in order to view?

    • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

      hey @facebook-851334643:disqus, there use to be with the fan gate feature. A person would first land on a default landing page prior to liking your page. Facebook has since removed the feature.

  • http://www.jacobcurtis.co/ Jacob Curtis

    @1d1daca16a44bc50c494eb38929ffade:disqus, the function is very buggy, some pages get tagged and show up while others do not. Sometimes it doesn’t show up even after the page posts directly on your wall. I’ll keep you updated if I notice any changes. You can also check your FB activity log under spam to make sure the comments aren’t being filtered.

  • Vs

    Dear Jacob,

    I have a question on posting by others feature.

    I visit some business fan pages, for example the MoMa museum in NY, and I see in their post by others timeline that the “upload image” is disabled, meaning that you can only upload text or links. But when I scroll down I can see that some posts have a complete image uploaded. Do you know what is happening? Is there a way to use this?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Kara

    hi jacob, thanks for this great info! i still have one issue that i can’t seem to rectify. o tagged myself in a pic on my page that i want to show up on my timeline and it won’t show up. i originally did the post as myself to the page. do you know how i can get the pic to show up on my timeline? thanks!