Linkedin Company Page Insights Overview

In this Social Media Tutorial, I’m going to cover LinkedIn Company Page Insights. First access your insights by navigating to “Page Insights” from your companies overview page. From here you will see the basic traffic information your company page has received over the last 7 days.

Linkedin calculates each of these numbers separately as:

The number of times that your company page has been viewed, received unique visitors, or had page clicks in the last 7 days. Plus, the increase or decrease from the previous 7 days.

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Linkedin company page insights stats

Linkedin takes information from the last 7 days, plus the increase or decrease from the previous 7 days.

Linkedin company page insights provide valuable information which can be very helpful for your HR or recruiting manager who can utilize this data to find out how many prospective candidates are looking for employment opportunities with your company.

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Now let’s break down some specifics and highlight some ways to optimize your company page using this data.

Page Views:

Under Page views you are given the ability to see all page views combined, just the page views your LinkedIn company home page received, how many views your careers page received and how many views your products and services page received.

Using Linkedin company page insights you can find out how recent traffic for a certain month have been clicking through to your Careers page.

Now, Linkedin charges company pages for posting jobs. however If you notice your careers tab is receiving a high amount of traffic without any job being posted, it may be worth spending the money to rope in some high caliber talent.

linkedin company page insights careers tab

If your careers page is getting a lot of traffic, it may be worth the investment to post your current job offerings


Keep in mind, it’s free to post products or services to your LinkedIn page and knowing how much traffic that page is receiving is just as important.

Side note: LinkedIn will provide you data from the last 6 months however you can press the back arrow under each graph to retrieve information from the previous 6 months before that.

Page Visitor Demographics:

Linkedin company page insights will pull profile information from your company page visitors and will display what percent of our views came from a specific seniority, industry, function, region, company size and whether or not those views came from our your employees or non-employees.

I’d say the Industry, Function, Region and Employee stats here are the most important to look at.

That way you can tell if you are attracting the right prospects from the right industry, area and that your page views aren’t just your current employees.

Unique visitor:

Unique visitors tells us how many new people came to our LinkedIn company page, checked out our careers, as well as our products and services pages.

linkedin unique visitors analytics

You will be able too see how many unique visitors there were to your Companies specific pages

Again, you can use this information to see how you could improve your page by possibly paying to post a new job opening, or adding more products from your product line to your page. This is one of the main benefits of Linkedin company page insights!

Products and Service Clicks and Career page clicks:

Finally these stats tell you when a user clicks on any listed product or services from within the page itself. The same goes for Career page clicks, but obviously if you are not currently paying to list job openings, there’s going to be no data to display.


Do you think Linkedin company page insights are beneficial for recruiting purposes? Have you ever found a new employee off Linkedin? What do you think about Linkedin making businesses pay to post their jobs on their own company pages?

Let me know in the comments below, or please leave me a suggestion you’d like me to cover in an upcoming social media tutorial video.

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