How to Leave a Linkedin Group

This social media tutorial video will cover how to remove yourself from a Linkedin group. I will also highlight a few benefits to joining Linkedin groups as well as some reasons of  you may want to remove yourself from a Linkedin group. First you are going to navigate to the Groups tab at the top of your page and Linkedin will display all the groups you are associated with.

Now, there use to be an option for me to remove myself from the group using a “actions” button that would display when scrolling your mouse over any particular group. However things have changed, so follow along with me as I explain the new way to leave a Linkedin Group.

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removing or leaving a linkedin group

When in a Group look for the “Your Settings” option under the “More…” tab


I love engaging with Linkedin groups, I’ve even created my own, but sometimes these groups aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and here’s why:

3 Reasons why you should join Linkedin Groups

  • Great way to find and connect with influencers
  • Allows you to share your content
  • Find interesting articles from others discussions

3 reasons to leave a Linkedin Group

  • Make room for better groups (cap at 50)
  • The group is a ghost town filled with spam
  • You’re discussions never get published by the group Moderator

Video Tutorial

The social media video tutorial below is a minute long and will quickly teach you step-by-step how to leave a Linkedin Group.

Easy enough right? With that said I’m looking for some feedback from my readers.


What is your experience with Linkedin groups? Do you think they are beneficial for the same reasons I listed above, or did I leave something out? Also, I’m looking to join a few more active groups on social media marketing so if you have a suggestion let me know which Linkedin groups you’re apart of.

Let me know in the comments below, or please leave me a suggestion you’d like me to cover in an upcoming social media tutorial video.

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