How to set up YouTube Video Questions, Quizes or Polls

This social media tutorial will cover the YouTube Video Questions option which is currently in Beta.

This feature lets you ask  questions, run a quiz, or conduct a poll within your YouTube videos that viewers can respond to the same way they would click on an annotation.

You can also keep track of your viewers responses by navigating to your YouTube Annotation Analytics.

Now to gain access to this feature you’re going to need to Join the Beta.  To do so, navigate to

Once there you can read through the opt-in agreement and when your ready select join the video Questions Editor Beta.

Don’t get too attached, though: YouTube’s disclaimer states the feature “represents work in progress,” and “there is no plan for long-term support of the feature.”

So let’s up a question.

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youtube video questions

With YouTube Questions Editor you can now ask your viewers questions, conduct polls, and even run a quiz

 Video Tutorial

After you’ve opted in, watch the video below that will  describe how to set up YouTube Video Questions. I will also cover how to setup multiple poll questions, increase or decrease the duration the question is displayed and teach you how to select a hint for a wrong answer if you wish to quiz your viewers.

My Example YouTube Video Question

I’d recommend having some sort of goal associated with the video and questions you ask. Is it worth losing a viewer if the question that appears in your Youtube video that has no relationship to the content being watched? Also keep in mind that the video will be paused for the duration you set.

For these tutorial videos, here’s my idea:

Which platform should our next episode cover?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin

After checking the results in my annotation analytics and finding out which option has the highest click through rate, I can then provide my viewers with the type of content they are looking for.

Final Thoughts

I am a huge fan of YouTube an an unyielding advocate of video. As more and more of these features become available to content creators, those who incorporate them into their content strategy can expect more engagement from their fans and viewers. Asking polls or questions on YouTube can also provide you valuable consumer information if your question is about a new product or service.

Now one last thing to remember, you can only view these questions on a platform that supports annotations like your desktop. I’m excited to see the creative ways people utilize YouTube Video Questions, so if you’ve added them let me know!


What are your initial thoughts on YouTube’s Video Questions Editor? Do you have any ideas for your own videos? Let me know in the comments below!

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Author: Jacob Curtis

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