See Who Likes your Facebook Fan Page: Users and Competitors


What if you could see who likes your Facebook Page?

In this social media tutorial, I’m going to cover an often overlooked Facebook feature most admins have no idea is available to them.

How to find out who your Facebook fans are.

I’ll also go over using this feature to find out if a competitor’s Facebook Page is following your business and I’ll even provide a clever workaround for searching for individual Facebook fans who have liked your Page by their name.

Very important information here! So let’s dive right in.

Who likes your Facebook Fan Page

Now, new likes are great, and while your Facebook insights give you general demographic information about your fan base, there’s a hidden way to see who likes your Facebook Page and discover which other Pages have ‘Liked’ your Page.

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Step 1:

First, navigate to your Page settings and locate the Banned Users option.



Step 2:

Next, find the drop down menu which will display the following options.


Step 3:

Finally, from the drop down menu, select People Who Like This. You ‘ll then be able to see who likes your Facebook Page and can scroll down to see everyone.



The Most Important Selection for Businesses

For businesses, aside from listing who has liked your Page, this feature also provides another important selection you’ll want to utilize.

You may have noticed the option that says Pages Who Like This.

Selecting Pages Who Like This will display valuable information and should be checked often for these two main reasons:

  • This information will let you know if a competitor is following your page, and you can promptly BAN them.
  • You can also use this information as an invitation to connect or partner with another fan page that may be industry related.

The Missing Feature – Search By Name

While knowing who has liked your Page is helpful, if you have more than a few hundred fans, you’ll find it difficult to find Facebook fans by name from just scrolling through everyone.

Currently, a search feature is missing, but here’s a clever workaround to search for a specific fan.

First scroll through your list of fans so Facebook can populate the list in its entirety, this will take more time depending on how many fans you have and when the user initially liked your page.

Now to find a particular person you’ll want to use the FIND ON PAGE tool that is available in most if not all web browsers and search for either first or full name.

Easy enough!


Not only is this function useful for moderating your fan base as you can promote admins or ban users from this page, but remember that social media isn’t about broadcasting, it’s about conversation.

Chances are if another company was interested in your business enough to like your Page, they may also be open to cross promotions or other B2B opportunities.

Now you know who likes your Facebook fan page!

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