How to Move Photos Between Albums on Facebook

This weeks social media video tutorial covers how to move Facebook photos between albums. Along with videos, photos are a great way to engage your fanbase.

These photos are stored in albums which can be easily accessed from the Facebook fan page. It’s amazing what a well organized photo albums will do to keep users on your page.

Including captions as well as album descriptions is also highly recommended.

 *EDIT this video shows Facebook’s old photo layout, however you can still move photos by Following the steps below*

Learn more about Facebooks new photo layout as of October 4th, 2012

Reasons you would move a photo:

  • The photo was posted to your wall as a status update and is located in the Wall Photos album by default
  • Organizing your current photos without having to delete or re-upload photos to a new album
  • You are going to delete the album but want to save certain pictures

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moving facebook photos

This option is only available for albums you have created. All of your photos can be moved except for photos uploaded in a multi-photo upload or the album cover photo

If you want to move a photo from one album to another follow these steps:

1. Select the album you wish to edit
2. Click Edit Album at the top of the page
3. Hover over the photo you wish to move to another album
4. Click on the drop down arrow button in the top right corner of the photo
5. Select the ‘move to other album’ option from the dropdown menu
6. Select the album you would like the photo to be moved to from the dropdown menu
7. Click Move Photo
8. When your finished editing your Album Select the Done option at the top right corner of the page


You can just watch this helpful video 🙂

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