How to Invite Facebook Friends to Like Your Fanpage

I’ve heard this question asked a lot. How do you Invite Facebook Friends to Like Your Fanpage?

Well, Facebook recently released a new feature which allows page admins the ability to invite their Facebook friends to Like their Fanpage.


Before this option was available, your best bet for adding friends to your fanpage was by creating an Event and inviting everyone in your network.

1/15/2013 Update: You Can also Invite Facebook Friends from within your Admin Panel when logged in as your Page

These invitations became more and more common as companies began hiring social media strategists and wanted more fans without wanting to spend a dime on advertising.

Don’t worry we are all guilty of this. Just last week for example I was invited to this event.

like my fanpage

How many of these Event invites do you get?

However Facebook now allows all Page admins the option to suggest their Page to their friends by clicking Invite Friends from the Build Audience menu in the admin panel.   Non-admins can share a Page with friends by selecting Share from the menu under the Page’s cover photo.

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inviting friends to fanpage

Invite Friends can be found under the Build Audience tab.

Now I would recommend using this at your discretion. Though this may in fact increase your Fanbase, it will also skew your Facebook Page Insights.

Meaning you should focus on filling your Fanpage up with your target audience who is interested in what you do (*Facebook ads*) not a bunch of random friends. This is still a very useful tool for certain businesses such as Realtors who may have more clients as Facebook friends than fans. Migrating your Personal Page to a Fanpage is also an option.

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