Twitter Saved Search Feature Explained

With Twitter saved searches, you can keep tabs on any term you want– say for example your name, your company name, or the name of a musician you like.

Saving searches allows you to efficiently keep track of the conversations that are going on about your favorite topics or hashtags without the need to type the query in each time.

In this video I used the example of a hashtag campaign I’m running through called #socialprops. Because I am tracking the performance and engagement of the campaign I know I will be searching for it often so making it one of my Twitter saved searches makes a lot of sense.

Obviously this isn’t the coolest feature of Twitter however knowing these little tips and tricks never hurts!

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With Twitter Saved Search you won’t have to waste your time typing in your favorite queries

With Twitter Saved Search you won’t have to waste your time typing in your favorite queries

Video Tutorial

You can also remove saved searches by going through the same process as you did to add them. As the video below describes, Twitter will maintain up to 25 saved searches per account so choose your top saved searches wisely.

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Author: Jacob Curtis

An early advocate of digital media, Jacob has observed the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online. Working at Bonfire Marketing he continues to hone his craft.

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