Scheduling Posts on Facebook

So long Hootsuite! Facebook now allows admins to schedule posts. This social media video tutorial will explain scheduling posts on Facebook. This feature also allows you to backdate posts into your timeline.

This has been a long awaited feature for page admins and It seems Facebook has finally taken some time to consider created internal tools to assist community managers. How long have you been waiting for a feature like this?

The time has come!

You may have noticed when posting a Clock icon appears right underneath the text field. It looks a little something like this:

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scheduling post on facebook

You’ll see the Clock icon below your post, click it to begin the scheduling process.


Think about this, how much time each week do you spend searching for industry related content to post on your fanpage? Hopefully you have some form of content strategy in mind which doesn’t include posting sales or gimmics to your fans (They’ll soon begin to ignore you) .

With this new feature to Scheduling posts on Facebook you can now set-up all of your page posts for the week on a Monday and spend the rest of the time engaging with your fanbase through out the week. Experiment and check your Facebook Insights to find the best times to post to your page.

Video Tutorial

In this short video tutorial below will quickly cover step-by-step how to Schedule Posts on Facebook


What are your thoughts on Scheduling posts on Facebook ? Do you find this has improved your efficiency on the platform or entice you to post more on your page? I can definitely understand how time consuming it is to have to spend time each day to find content to keep your fans engaged and happy.

What other features would you like to see Facebook add to improve the experience for page admins?

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Thanks for watching my tutorial on Scheduling posts on Facebook!