Adding Facebook Admin Roles

In this social media tutorial I’ll cover Facebook’s Admin Roles feature. Facebook Admin Roles allow  you to assign different editing capabilities and roles to each or your Facebook Fan Page Admins. It is very likely that a businesses Facebook page will have more than one admin each with the same editing capabilities.

Now, Facebook has allowed you to decide which admins have which capabilities through your page. By default all current page admins are assigned the Manger role, which grants access of all admin tools, so make sure you set up your admins ASAP.

Delegating admin roles is great way to streamline your Facebook marketing efforts and keep your page secure. After all , you wouldn’t want to just give any employee managerial access to your Fanpage. Especially, if said employee was just fired and decides to slander, remove fans, delete pictures, or worse. Believe me, I’ve heard quite a few horror stories of this.

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facebook admin roles

Admin Roles can be located within the Edit Page drop down menu

Facebook Admin Roles feature allows you to assign different editing capabilities and roles to each or your Facebook Fan Page Admins. Once assigned, you will be able to see a description of each admins permissions under their specific role. This can also help limit the amount of access available to an advertising agency if they are running your Facebook ads.

Facebook Admin choices are:

  1. Manager
  2. Content Creator
  3. Moderator
  4. Advertiser
  5. Insights analyst

Watch this tutorial and learn how to delegate the Facebook Admin Roles of your current admins and why assigning roles are important.

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