Teaching Myself Photoshop

I recently began revisiting Photoshop and I must say I am having a great time! Though the editing program has always been available to me during my academic career, I was always intimidated by the massive amount of tools and functionality Photoshop entailed to ever try it until now.

What interested me most about diving head first into learning the program was the ability to take my own personal drawn sketches  and  color them.

I made sure to practice the keyboard shortcuts to optimize my work flow. Also taking the time to learn how different layers worked together I found was key. If I want to be taken seriously and put Photoshop as a part of my resume I would have to know these sort of techniques. It has also re-stimulated my passion for art and drawing. I am also pumped to see how  refining my ability in Photoshop will translate into future video or motion graphic projects I get involved with.

It is also great for generating content for social media channels and numerous online tutorials are available across the web if you get stuck.

I will continue to practice coloring  and upload my finish projects as I go.

Not to shabby for teaching myself Photoshop right?

gladiator cartoon colored

The inked version before Photoshop coloring

photoshop warrior

Finished product after Photoshop coloring