02 Feb


How to Hide or Limit Past Facebook Posts and Make Photo Albums Private



Facebook has had a knack for having privacy issues with personal profiles and it’s mostly due to their garbage default settings and users being unaware of platform updates and the visibility options available to them.

With each type of post having it’s own security setting, an average user doesn’t necessarily realize exactly what he/she is leaving visible to the prying eyes of the public (non-friend connections), including recruiters, strangers, and creepers.

Though Facebook does provide tools to limit past posts as well as providing an audience selector for photo albums, many are finding just how frustrating it can be to set these up correctly.

Thankfully, that’s what I’m here for!

25 Jan


How to Use YouTube’s NEW Comment Moderation Feature



As a community manager I’ve always dreaded moderating YouTube comments.

With the lack of profanity filters and blacklists for disruptive users, the more videos you have, the bigger headache it becomes to scour through each video to remove potential spam.

But that’s all changed with YouTube’s new comment moderating dashboard!


11 Jan


How to Edit Featured Likes on Your Facebook Page



If you’ve ever liked another Facebook page as your business page you’ll notice a Likes section as a permanent feature on your timeline.

Basically, this section takes up a sizable portion of your Facebook page and displays up to 5 pages you’ve liked on a random cycle. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?

Not so fast, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

For example, what if you’re following a competitor’s page or maybe a completely off-topic fanpage you forgot/mistakenly followed? 

03 Jan


How to Set Up a Facebook Page Profanity Filter



Unfortunately Facebook page admins all share a common problem – we have to sleep.

And that means there’s always going to be a window of opportunity for “trolls” and “spammers” to run amok on your Facebook page.

Luckily Facebook allows community managers the ability to set up a profanity filter that will automatically screen posts by others on your page.